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City Messengers part 2

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Graham “GuineaPig” Powell sent this in:

Anybody hear “city Messengers” on Radio 4. a happy reportage of the recession and it’s effects on cycle couriers.

“couriers are indicator species” and “a luxury expense” – hmmm!

The programme is available for the next seven days, so get listening.

By the way, a note to the BBC. You briefly used a picture of motorcycle couriers in your first programme in this series, before being alerted to the mistake. You idiots. Now you have used a picture of a ‘normal cyclist’ in the second programme. What is wrong with you people? Too stingy to pay for a cheap royalty-free stock photo of real messengers? I tell you what, why don’t you contact Selimski – described as “London’s best courier photographer” by Buffalo Bill – and purchase a license to use one of his excellent pictures?


Written by Captain Buckles

30 January, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Posted in Fix up look sharp

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