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I Bike MCR Yo Fixie – Sat 18th April 4pm

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Manchester I Bike MCR Yo Fixie
Photo by Nes… I think

As part of the annual super-long northern bikefest that is I Bike MCR, the magnificent Yo Fixie! event will be occuring on Saturday 18th April at 4pm at the Sugden Centre Carpark, off Oxford Road. It’s about half a mile from Piccadilly station, it’s so easy to find that even I managed to find it in about 5 minutes. Bear in mind that I get lost in my own house sometimes and need a map to find my way out – this is why I’m late for work every day (ahem).

In 2007 it cost £20 to get there from Brum with a Young Person’s Railcard – that was on a direct train, and I think the tickets were bought on the day. The cheapest ticket you will get without a railcard is £15.50 – that includes one change on both the outward and return journey. Don’t forget to reserve your bike space at the ticket office at New Street, otherwise the unforgiving fuckers on Virgin Trains won’t let you on. Alternatively, remove your wheels and tie them to your frame with a binbag or an old innertube. Tape the whole thing up with reclaimed cardboard and voila, you have a ‘non-bike’ which you can carry on the train without a reservation.

Just where were the Birmingham fixie crew in 2007 when I had to ‘reprazent’ all on me own? Eh? EH?! This one is going to be a good crack – mark the date on your calendar and let’s all go up and give those dirty Manc bastards a run for their money. COME ON!!!

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Written by Captain Buckles

23 February, 2009 at 12:35 am

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