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Birmingham fixed gear crew reprazent!

Fix Up Look Sharp was started by General Buckfast*, A.K.A. Captain Buckles. In 2006 he didn’t even know what a fixed wheel bike or a track bike was, until he applied for a cycle courier job in Birmingham. Buckles was eventually persuaded to buy one for himself after his mountain bike’s derailleur hanger snapped off. Slowly but surely, more and more fixed wheels started appearing in Birmingham’s streets, and after much procrastination Buckfast decided it was time to start some sort of online information station for organizing meetups and rides.

Cycling any sort of bicycle isn’t very popular in Birmingham compared to London or Manchester for example. As a result, you don’t see many fixed wheels about the place, but it has certainly gained popularity amongst people who already cycled. Every so often we come across someone who’s just bought or converted a bike to fixed, and hopefully we’ll see these people at future events.

Birmingham has had two alleycat races so far, one organised by Guinea Pig and the other organizized by Buckles. There was also a Halloween fixed gear event, which was held in 2008. Keep an eye out for more races and competitions in 2009.

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Contact us with any news, suggestions or if you have any fixed stuff for sale, and feel free to arrange a ride in the ‘arrange a ride‘ section.

*General Buckfast has never actually drank the alcoholic beverage that shares the same name. He did try some, once, but spat it out due to its utter rankness.


Written by Captain Buckles

26 February, 2009 at 6:34 pm

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